10-20 Minute Assessment

HVAC: Electric Heater

Baseboard heaters, wall-mounted heaters, and space heaters are common types of electric heaters. Some have blower fans that help circulate the heat.

Electric heaters can get hot enough to cause fires. Leave 3 feet of space around your heaters and never block them with curtains or furniture.


Every fall

Repair and replacement costs

Typical Costs

(baseboard or wall):

  • Repair: $150 – $450
  • Replace: $125 – $2,500

Life span


7 – 15 years

Steps to Assess Your Electric Heater


Step 1: Inspect the outside of your heater. Replace cracked, warped, or damaged hardware. To prevent fires, move flammable objects like curtains at least 3 feet away.


Step 2: Remove dust or debris from inside. Many baseboard heaters have aluminum squares (fins) that fit together and create slots for airflow. Clear the spaces between fins.

Step 3: Adjust the louver and open any vents. They should open and close easily to control airflow. Make sure they’re open enough to release the heat.


Step 4: Turn your heater on. If it doesn’t start, check for a tripped circuit breaker or a reset button. If it still won’t work, contact an HVAC professional.