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Framework® empowers a community of partners and homeowners with a comprehensive homeownership education platform to enable smart decision-making for first-time and first-generation homeowners.

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by more than 150 partners from industries like financial services, real estate agencies, advising agencies, home builders, and more.

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All-in-One Homeownership Platform that Makes an Impact


Connect clients and employees to our homeownership platform with award-winning, high-quality homeownership education courses and tools to help homeowners build generational wealth and equity, using flexible solutions that maximize partner performance.

Award-Winning Homeownership Platform


Do Homeownership with Confidence


Framework makes homeownership feel easy. Get homeownership education courses, resources, and tools in one platform, starting with the Framework® Homebuyer Education Course that helped more than 1.5 million first-time homebuyers buy a home and make money-saving decisions.