Improve Sustainable Homeownership Outcomes

Framework has helped over 1.5M+ homebuyers purchase their first homes.

If you want to bring your customers all the quality-of-life-improving benefits of homeownership, Framework is here to find a solution that works for you. We teach people everything they need to know about finding, buying, and owning a home, step by step and help people move from intimidated to confident with self-paced courses, tools, and expert advice. Everything we share is friendly, unbiased, and available in English and Spanish.

Learn more about how to enhance your customers’ experiences, no matter where they are on the journey.

The Industry’s Most Sophisticated Homebuyer Education Course

  • The curriculum meets HUD guidelines and exceeds National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education
  • Meets Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac homebuyer education requirements
  • May help customers qualify for first-time homebuyer programs, down payment assistance programs, and other loan products and incentives
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Optimized for seamless learning on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Interactive, intuitive, and fast: most customers finish in 4 to 6 hours

Ongoing Support for Smart Homeownership

When customers complete the Framework homebuyer course, they automatically get access to the Keep Up newsletter, at no extra charge. In addition, Framework provides quick, easy access to quality one-on-one advising through our national network of nonprofit homeownership advising partners.

Customers Love us!

Homebuyers and homeowners trust Framework because we’re the social enterprise of two leading national nonprofits whose bottom line is to help build strong communities. We consistently receive top marks from our customers.

  • See what folks are saying...

    “I am so WOW-ed by how informative the course was. I really thought I had done my research before, but this really helped broaden my understanding.”

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  • Stephanie R.

    See what folks are saying...

    “The experience was so positive as not just something I had to click through, but so helpful and gave me so much insight … It really was a great resource for me … It was surprisingly more helpful than I expected.” 

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  • See what folks are saying...

    “I was actually surprised how much information I learned even after having bought and owned a home for seven years. I really wouldn’t change anything. It flows quite well and isn’t overwhelming.” 

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  • See what folks are saying...

    “This course should be suggested by real estate agents or well before closing.” 

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  • See what folks are saying...

    “I couldn’t believe how much I learned in one day. All my questions were answered. It’s a good way to prepare yourself for a big investment.”

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  • See what folks are saying...

     “I just wish [I] had known about this class earlier in my home buying process” 

    Woman sitting at a desk and working on a laptop.
  • Katelyn D.

    “Taking you throughout the whole process, it doesn’t just stop once you sign paperwork. It tells you maintenance fees – it just makes you aware of the entire picture.”

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Who we Partner with

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Pre-purchase counseling and education significantly reduce delinquency among first-time and repeat buyers. Post-purchase check-ins with an advisor have clear benefits too. Plus, when buyers are informed, your job is easier.

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Advising Agencies

Education and one-on-one advising are a powerful combination. And we know that the convenience of online education is critical for today’s homebuyer. We offer flexible ways to integrate our homebuyer education course into your ecosystem with tools to support you along the way.

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Home Builders

Nurture Mortgage-Ready Homebuyers by presenting the homebuyer ed course to prepare homebuyers for the road ahead. They’ll identify their budget and wants so you can spend more time finding them the perfect home.

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Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Selling homes is easier with confident, prepared clients who understand the whole process. Foster deeper client relationships by referring your clients to homeownership education and a source of ongoing support.



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When you include homebuyer ed as part of your employee marketplace or benefits package, you empower your employees by connecting them with a trusted guide on the homebuying process so they can make confident, informed decisions at every step of their journey.

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Build and support your community through the stabilizing force of homeownership by connecting people to knowledge that helps them make informed and confident decisions at every step of their homebuyer journey.

Framework is a platform built for success

Anthem awards: 2022 best product in diversity, equity, and inclusion
Ivory Prize: 2021 Finance Winner
HousingWire Tech100: 2021 Real Estate Honoree