10-20 Minute Assessment

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are often oak, maple, or hickory. The floorboards are usually nailed to a wood subfloor.

With good care, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. It needs a protective finish, which should last 7-10 years. Wood is vulnerable to water damage. It expands and contracts with the seasons and can eventually warp or crack.

Lifespan: 100+ years

Steps to Assess Your Hardwood Flooring


Step 1: Check the floor for spongy or bouncy areas. If you find any, have a professional take a look. Hardwood floors often squeak a little, but super-squeakiness or movement may indicate a problem with the floor boards, nails, or subfloor.


Step 2: Cracks, warping, and large gaps between boards may indicate a moisture or subfloor problem. Repair damaged floorboards so no one trips on them and gets hurt.


Step 3: Minor scratches and dents are normal. Deep ones that go through the finish need to be repaired. Check high-traffic areas. Refinish worn areas to avoid damage to the underlying wood.


Step 4: Stained or damp areas could mean you have a water leak. Dampness can lead to rot or mold. Repair any ongoing leak ASAP. If the room smells earthy or musty, or you see stains on the floor or walls, you may have a mold problem.