15-20 Minute Assessment

HVAC: Heat Pump

Instead of making heat, air-source heat pumps move it in and out of your home. They’re super efficient and can both heat and cool.

The outdoor and indoor unit or units are connected by lines that circulate refrigerant through coils. In ducted systems, fans blow the air into your home through ductwork. In ductless “mini split” systems, wall or floor units blow it directly into the room.

Get a professional inspection every year. In between, clean the coils and clean or replace the filters often. Over time, the refrigerant can get low and require a refill (recharge).



Repair and replacement costs

Typical Costs

  • Inspect: $75 – $150
  • Repair: $155 – $600
  • Replace: $4,500 – $8,000

Life span


14 – 16 years

Steps to Assess Your Heat Pump


Step 1: Remove anything growing on the outdoor unit and clear away debris. Carefully straighten any bent fins. Repair any cracked, bent, or corroded supply or electrical lines.


Step 2: To prevent fires and ensure easy access, keep the area around indoor units clear. Check the supply and electrical lines for damage. Repair any cracked, bent, or corroded lines. Also check the drain lines for signs of leakage.


Step 3: Check the filters in each indoor unit. Clean or replace dusty filters (some are disposable).


Step 4: If you have a ducted system, make sure ductwork joints are tight. Fix peeling, cracked, or worn tape or caulking.


Step 5: Start your heat pump. If it won’t start, check for a tripped breaker. Then try the service switch and reset button. If you hear banging, squeaking, or other unusual sounds, contact an HVAC pro.


Step 6: After 15 minutes, make sure air is flowing from the vents. If it isn’t, check for closed dampers. If all dampers are open and air still isn’t flowing, contact an HVAC pro.