15-20 Minute Assessment

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made by layering an image, usually of wood grain, over particleboard and applying a clear finish. It usually clips together and floats over the subfloor. No nails or tacks.

You can’t refinish laminate when it wears out. Poorly installed laminate can buckle and gap as it expands and contracts with the seasons. Also, water can get trapped between floor and subfloor.

Lifespan: 15-25 years

Steps to Assess Your Laminate Flooring


Step 1: Check the floor for spongy or bouncy areas, which can suggest a problem with the subfloor. If you find any, have a professional take a look.


Step 2: Check for gaps or peaking (boards pushed against one another that create a peak). These issues could indicate improper installation or point to a larger problem with the flooring’s structure. If you see either, get a professional opinion.


Step 3: Look for buckled or warped areas. Moisture rising from the subfloor may be at the root of these problems. If you find these issues, check for moisture and replace the flooring.


Step 4: Stained or damp areas could mean you have a water leak. Dampness can lead to rot or mold. Repair any ongoing leak ASAP. If the room smells earthy or musty, or you see stains on the floor or walls, you may have a mold problem.