20-40 Minute Assessment

Metal Roof

Metal roofing is super durable, resisting water, fire, insects, and rot. It’s also relatively simple to install, so repairs are fast and affordable.

At the same time, metal is susceptible to corrosion, oxidization, and denting. The sealants and tapes needed to keep water from penetrating joints and seams last about 10 years.

Steps to Assessing Your Metal Roof


Step 1: Inspect the roof for scratches, dents, gashes, or corrosion. No matter how small, it’s important to address these issues immediately. A small scratch could lead to rust, and dents could create openings for water.


Step 2: Look for buckled or bent surfaces. Panels should fit together tightly in straight lines and rest flat on the roof. Buckling or bending could suggest improper installation. If you find these issues, repair or replace the pieces of roofing.


Step 3: Make sure gaps around or along vent pipes, chimneys, hardware, and walls are sealed. Sealants or tapes often deteriorate before your metal roof and may need to be replaced.


Step 4: Remove anything growing on your roof. Moss, lichen, mold, and vines can damage it.