15-20 Minute Assessment

Metal Siding

Metal siding is often installed over a vapor barrier to prevent moisture buildup. Because metal expands and contracts, proper installation is crucial.

While resistant to many kinds of damage, metal is susceptible to impacts and corrosion like rust. Small scratches or cracks can lead to problems. The wood beneath is vulnerable to water damage.


Every spring and fall

Repair and replacement costs

Typical Costs (aluminum and steel)

  • Repair: $600 – $1,500
  • Replace: $4,000 – $14,500

Life span


  • Aluminum and steel: 30 years
  • Copper and zinc: 80 – 100 years

Steps to Assess Your Metal Siding


Safety tip: If you decide to work on your own metal siding, wear work gloves. Metal siding can be extremely sharp.


Step 1: Inspect for scratches, dents, rust, or corrosion. If you discover any of these issues, repair, repaint, or replace the piece of siding.


Step 2: Look for buckled, bent, or loose siding. These issues could suggest improper installation. If you see any of these issues, reinstall the siding.


Step 3: Check the joints and corners for gaps. Caulks and sealants may or may not be used on your metal siding. Either way, there shouldn’t be any gaps. Even small ones can let water in.


Step 4: Remove anything growing on your metal siding. Moss, lichen, mold, and vines can damage it. Make sure shrubs are trimmed back at least 6 inches from your walls.