5-10 Minute Assessment

Range Hood

A range hood has a filter, a fan, a duct, and often a light. By capturing smoke and grease, it helps keep your home’s air and surfaces cleaner. The filtered air is sent back into the room or vented outdoors. Venting helps control humidity.

Over time, the filter, fan blades, motor, or ductwork often become caked with grease, creating a fire hazard.


Every 3 months to annually

Repair and replacement costs

Typical Costs

  • Repair: $265
  • Replace: $500 – $1,300

Life span


10-14 years

Steps to Assess Your Range Hoods


Step 1: Turn on the fan. If it doesn’t clear the air, or if the motor is loud, you may need to clean it.


Step 2: Begin by removing the filter, which will be metal or charcoal. If it’s metal, clean it with soap and water. If it’s charcoal, replace it.


Step 3: Behind the filter, you should see the fan. Clean the fan blades if they’re dirty.


Step 4: If you can see the motor, clean the outside. To clean the inside, you’ll likely need professional help.


Step 5: If you can detach the duct, you should be able to clean the inside. If not, you may need professional help.