15-20 Minute Assessment

Brick Wall Foundation

Brick alone is rarely used for new foundations. It’s used along with materials like concrete, stone, or wood to add structural support.

While a brick can last 100 years, mortar lasts just 20-30. Harsh weather, especially the cold, can shorten the life of both bricks and mortar. Bricks aren’t waterproof, so sealants are sometimes needed.


Every spring

Repair and replacement costs

Typical Costs

Repair mortar:                                   $10 – $20 per square foot

Repair minor cracks:                  $250 – $800

Repair major issue:                    $2,000 – $10,000+

Consult structural engineer:       $300 – $600

Life span


Mortar: 20 – 30 years
Bricks: 100+ years

Steps to Assessing Your Brick Wall Foundation

Step 1: Begin inside your home. Check for cracks in the walls, slanted floors, or windows and doors that don’t open properly. These issues could be signs of a shifting foundation.


Step 2: Check for water near your brick foundation and in your basement or crawlspace. Water could indicate a drainage issue. Dampness or white stains (efflorescence) on your bricks may also mean you have a moisture problem.


Step 3: Remove anything growing on your foundation. Moss, lichen, mold, and vines can damage bricks and mortar.


Step 4: Look down the length of your foundation for buckling, bulging, or slanted walls. These could be signs of a serious problem and should be examined by a professional.


Step 5: Check for cracked or flaking (spalling) bricks and missing mortar. If mortar is loose or crumbling, repair it. While minor cracks in the bricks and mortar are okay, bricks cracked all the way through or “step pattern” cracks need professional inspection.