A More Personalized Onboarding Survey Experience

A More Personalized Onboarding Survey Experience

May 23 2024

Improvements to the Framework onboarding survey for learners will capture more data to better understand where learners are in their homeownership journey and provide more efficient and relevant requests for data inputs. These changes will impact the onboarding survey reports available to partners, effective the evening of May 28th, 2024.

Check out what enhancements and changes are coming. 


  • Deeper Insights to Support Learners: New fields will be introduced to better understand and support learners where they are.
  • Streamlined Data Inputs: Smart survey logic and pre-populated fields will streamline onboarding and present learners with relevant questions.
  • Changes to Partner Reporting: Once the new release goes live on May 28th, 2024, new and renamed fields will be reflected in onboarding survey reports.

New Fields Offer Deeper Insights

New fields have been added to the onboarding survey to capture more data, which will enable Framework and our partners to better understand and support learners at each stage of their journey.

New fields include:

  • Preferred Language to understand what language learners prefer to access content. We hope to use this field to better assess future content development that is accessible for all.
  • Property Address will appear if a learner tells us they have made an offer or have a closing date scheduled to better serve relevant content based on their future location.
  • How long have you owned your home? will appear if a user indicates they currently own a home to better understand their experience as a homeowner and serve related content.
  • Lender Email Address will appear if a learner indicates they are active in the buying stage to match lender to buyer better.



Streamlined Data Inputs

The onboarding survey features improved survey logic and auto-population capabilities to present onboarding questions that are more relevant to the learners’ current situation and efficient so they can get to learning.



Changes to Partner Reporting

For partners who run reports on onboarding survey responses, the new fields will be available in those reports as soon as users submit data after the release date. Additionally, any renamed fields will appear under the new field name in the report.





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