Framework and BuyingMiCasa Partner to Make Homeownership Resources Accessible to All

Sep 19 2023


BuyingMiCasa, a company dedicated to educating homebuyers and homeowners through social media, has announced its partnership with Framework Homeownership (“Framework”) a social enterprise on a mission to close the homeownership gap in all communities through its tech-enabled homebuyer education and ongoing homeownership support platform.  

Many people who dream of homeownership face many challenges such as limited access to affordable housing, high down payments, or lack of resources to navigate the homeownership process. However, BuyingMiCasa realizes the value of social media to help spread information about education tools and resources designed to help people overcome these obstacles and achieve their homeownership dreams.  

Founded by David B. Failey, BuyingMiCasa aims to simplify the complexities and stressors of navigating the homebuying process. Prioritizing educating homebuyers through social media is his goal by increasing homebuyers’ chances of creating and keeping generational wealth through homeownership. With their partnership, BuyingMiCasa and Framework will provide valuable homeownership resources and educational tools to communities everywhere. Framework built their platform with online courses and digital resources for first-time and firs- generation homebuyers in mind. covering the entire home buying process including budgeting, credit, home selection, and obtaining mortgages. The interactive self-paced courses guide customers with quizzes, videos, and critical tips needed to empower new homebuyers as they enter the beginning of their homeownership journeys.  


At BuyingMiCasa, we’re on a mission to make the dream of homeownership a reality for every family living in America. We believe that owning a home isn’t just about having a place to live; it’s about building emotional and financial stability and creating the opportunity for generational wealth. Join us on this exciting journey towards homeownership and financial empowerment! Follow us on social media, explore our website, and stay tuned for expert tips, resources, and inspiring stories from home buyers just like you

-David B. Failey


About BuyingMiCasa  

BuyingMiCasa is an online platform designed to provide valuable insights and assistance to first-time homebuyers. The founder, David B. Failey, is an experienced housing counselor who understands the importance of homeownership in achieving emotional and financial stability for families. Being bilingual in Spanish and having a background in mortgage lending, insurance, and small business consulting, David has a unique perspective on the needs of today’s homebuyers. He created BuyingMiCasa to help educate and guide homebuyers through the homebuying process, enabling them to achieve greater success in building household wealth through homeownership. 

About Framework  

Framework is a social-enterprise with a mission to actively reduce the homeownership gap through building tech-enabled homebuyer education and ongoing homeownership support courses, tools, and resources. Our online homeownership platform has helped over 1.5 million first-time homebuyers and homeowners across the country start and grow in their homeownership journey. Join us at   

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