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Home Maintenance Is
Easier Than Ever

Keep up with your home maintenance needs by organizing your home’s most important documents and details—all in one place. Unlock all these features when you created your Home Profile.


First, Create Your Home Profile

Visit the My Home section of the app and create your Home Profile. There you can enter all of the most important details of your home.

Do you have hardwood floors or antibacterial linoleum? How about your exterior siding? Shingles? Stucco?  Make a note of it here.


Next, Explore the Latest Features

  • In Pros, you can build a list of your most trusted contractors, keeping track of who did what, when and how.


  • Warranties provides a space to store your home warranties and documents, and track when they are about to expire with automated reminders.


  • Using Paint Colors, you’ll never miss a match. Keep track of your favorite colors in every room of your home.


Explore more features

Have a home maintenance project or a home renovation you want to get organized? Add it to your To-do List!

Conduct step-by-step Maintenance Assessments to evaluate the needed repairs for six major parts of your home.