2 Minute Assessment

Stationary Windows

Because they don’t open, stationary windows are more energy efficient than other types. There’s no space for air to get through.

While their main job is to provide light and views, they also need to keep out the elements. It’s important to check the frames and the edges of the glass panes yearly for drafts and water leaks.

Lifespan: 15-20 years

Steps to Assess Your Stationary Windows


Step 1: Inside your home, check the walls around your windows for dampness or staining. If you find any, it means water is getting in around the frames. Address the problem ASAP.


Step 2: Look at the frames and windowsills. You shouldn’t see any gaps between them and the walls. If you find gaps, seal them.


Step 3: Check for gaps where the glass meets the sash. Fix any cracked, loose, or missing sealant, glazing, or gaskets to keep drafts and water from creeping through.


Step 4: Cracked glass panes can be dangerous. Repair broken glass right away.