Happy Anniversary: Reflecting on Keep’s First Year

May 21 2020

Happy birthday to us!

Keep was years in the making for its core dreamers and creators, and now it’s been one year since its official launch in the app store.

In an effort to double down on the social mission of Framework Homeownership, we aim to help homeowners create their own success in every step of the homeownership journey through content and resources that are enjoyable, easy to understand and readily available.

To see our dream become a living, breathing thing is rewarding beyond words. The last 365 days were filled with passion, excitement, creativity, and most importantly, fun.

Here’s are some highlights:


To celebrate our birthday, the Keep team gathered around a virtual table to share some of our most treasured accomplishments from the journey so far.

Keep your tissues on standby while scrolling through below as these reflections may bring on some feels:

  • “What hasn’t changed is why we’re here, and we’ve only gotten better at understanding that. And I think COVID-19 has only made that message hit home even more powerfully as we think about what homeownership means and what it means to support people by clearing out the chaotic clutter and giving them access to information that is true.”
    – Danielle Samalin, CEO

  • “Some of us were here in the initial workshops where we started trying to dream up Keep and were thinking, what could this thing be? I can speak for myself when I say it seemed like a fantasy product. Like, ‘What? We can just build something that does this?’ And to see it coming to life and people using it is just so beautiful.”
     – Alysson Wilson, Director of People and Culture

  • “When I reflect on moments like this one, and I think about what I’m most proud of, it really is the way that this entire company has embraced the Keep brand and, in true Framework style, has welcomed it in and made it feel at home. We’ve brought Keep to life, and we live it and breathe it and it’s probably the most validating and fulfilling thing I’ve ever experienced in my career in branding.”
    – Holly Mott, Chief Brand Officer

  • “I remember way back at the first design workshop in Portland, [Oregon], it wasn’t very clear to us … we couldn’t really describe what we were trying to do. But now that I see it, this is it! This is what we we’re all trying to capture in those hundreds of sticky notes, exercises and ideas that we had. And it’s just really exhilarating and heartwarming and just almost a little scary that oh my god. It actually translated and here it is. And it’s amazing.”
    – Kelly Guenther, Partner Success Manager

  • “What we’ve been able to accomplish as a mighty social enterprise – and how we’re showing up, small and mighty, in a big tech market as an industry disrupter – is so impressive.”
    – Lyndsay Burns, Director of Operations

  • “We’re bringing bright minds to explore an adventure and to create in a way that helps others have a safe space to explore their homeownership journey, and it’s really sweet.”
    – Ana Wacker, Business Insights Manager

Thank you all so much for being part of the Keep family and making our first year a keeper in our memories. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

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