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Find your place

It’s thrilling to see different homes and imagine your life in them. Just as often along the way, the home search roller coaster will dip into frustration, uncertainty, and worry. Confidence comes from knowing exactly you’re looking for and having a great plan to find it.

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Keep in mind...

Getting pre-approved for a loan at the start of your home search takes the edge off of the bidding process. You’ll have your price range at the ready and be prepared to act quickly with an offer.

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Jot it all Down

Create a home search worksheet to gather everything in one place. It will help you prioritize your wants and needs, room by room. If you need a template, Keep has one available for you to download.

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Find your person

What’s the difference between a broker and an agent? Both are state-licensed, but brokers have more education in real estate. All agents work under a broker who is legally responsible for them.

Add a great agent to your team

What’s more valuable than a strong advocate? That’s exactly what a great real estate agent should be for you. They should help you know what you don’t know. They should listen first and be open and free with candid advice. And they should never give you that uneasy feeling that something is awry – gut check is a thing!

In short, your agent or broker should inspire confidence. Treat the search for an agent like an interview. You’re in the driver’s seat. Use friends and reviews to put together a list of candidates. Ask your candidates how they plan to match homes to your needs, wants, and budget. Then, choose the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

This is an important relationship, after all.

Get your search on!

Your might walk up to the first home on the very first day, lower your sunglasses, and say “that’s the one.” We hope you get that lucky. Just in case, it’s best to have a plan.

As we mentioned earlier, start by getting pre-approved for a loan, documenting your needs and wants, and know your price range – and your cap! Now, you’re ready for the hunt.

Open houses are a low-pressure way to start (no appointments, self-guided tours, usually). Explore your favorite–and new–neighborhoods and of course, hit all the apps. Every time you see a house in person, remember your needs and wants. Take lots of notes and pics: the more homes you visit, the more you forget so you will be grateful for the documentation at the end of the day.

Make sense of it all

Homes comes in all different shapes and sizes because people need and want different things. Which type of home best matches your values?

The privacy, freedom, and responsibility of a standalone single-family home? A townhome or condo where you share walls but have support from a homeowner’s association? Maybe you don’t think the charm of old homes is all that charming. If that’s the case, the peace of mind of a newly-constructed home might be for you. Everything inside and out is modern and brand new, but they also tend to be in less established areas outside of town.

It all depends on what you want –be sure you are double-checking you needs and wants checklist!

  • Pro Tip:

    Hunt like a broker

    Before Redfin and Zillow, there was the Multiple Listing Service. It’s still around, and still considered the most up-to-the-moment resource for home listings. It’s free to use at MLS.com.

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