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7 Projects to Tackle Before Move-in Day

Apr 15 2021

After the whirlwind process of buying a home, you’re probably just ready to move in and relax a little bit. It’s understandable. House hunting, paperwork, inspections, and all the hoop-jumping involved in the process can take a toll on your peace of mind.  

First of all, take a second to celebrate. Buying a home is no small feat! Feel the keys in your hand. Share a toast to your new place with your loved ones. Take your shoes off and walk around. It’s all yours.  

Then, it’s time to start prepping for the move. Though it can be tempting to rush into your new place, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by taking few days to get your home ready.  

Here are seven projects to tackle before movein day 

Paint while the house is empty  

Painting is one of the best ways to bring new life into your home. It’s a lot easier to do without having to move furniture and cover everything in plastic. Bust out your drop cloths and painters’ tape and get started. By the time the rest of your projects are complete, the paint will be dry.  

Ready the floors  

Hardwood. Carpets. Linoleum. Most homes have a few different types of flooring that need different kinds of care. Depending on the condition, you may want to refinish your hardwood or shampoo your carpets. If everything’s in good shape, it might be a good idea to put a protect your floors by resealing them while the house is still empty.  

Clean out the cabinets, cupboards, and closets 

In the rush of moving out, the previous owners probably forgot to clean some of the less visible spaces in the house, like cabinets and closets. Take the time to give everything a good dusting and surface cleaning before loading in your items. You’ll. feel better knowing you’re grabbing dishes from a clean cupboard.   

Swap out old batteries, lightbulbs, and filters for new ones 

A new home is a fresh start, so you might as well replace old batteries lightbulbs, filters, and other disposables. It’s especially important to change batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change the filters in your HVAC system. Range hoods, vent fans, and air conditioners also have filters that need to be changed.  

Hang what needs hanging  

Before your home is packed with your belongings, hang your shelves and hooks. This way, when you unpack your things, they have a place to go. Hanging television mounts, mirrors, pictures, and other decorations before moving the big items can also be helpful. An empty space makes it easier to measure and set up a ladder.   

Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms  

A lot of water flows through kitchens and bathrooms, which can mean mold and mildew. Before moving in, consider deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies.

Tidy up the yard  

You don’t need to do full-on landscaping, just trim the hedges, prune the trees, mow the lawn, and rake up debris. Tackling these chores upfront can lighten your load while you’re settling in. While tidying things up, think about where you want to put your grill, patio furniture, gardens, firepits, or yard games.  

Good luck and happy moving!  

One more push and it’s home sweet home! Moving is hard work, so take it easy. Drink plenty of water, take breaks, and lift with your legsDon’t forget to take a moment to feel proud of yourself for your accomplishment!

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