Our Top 3 Favorite Ways to Make Coffee at Home

Sep 29 2020

As your favorite (just go with it) keepers of all things home, we think it’s about time for you to not only know how to close on a house, but also the best ways to brew a cup of coffee.

Whether you’re just an average Joe (shoutout to the Mr. Coffee you’ve had since college) or a proud coffee snob (um, that’s a nice engraved cupping spoon you’ve got there), you deserve to start your day with a great brew. 🍺

So perk up coffee fans, just in time for National Coffee Day, we have three creative ways for you to make sure the java keeps on flowing.

Keep in mind that there are many more ways to make coffee, such as the Aeropress, the percolator, and an espresso machine, these just happen to be our faves. Want some more inspo? Check out our coffee mood board on Pinterest!

1.Pour over

Have a little extra time in the morning? Be trendy with a pour-over coffee maker.

Coffee cones use the drip method, in which you put your coffee grounds into a paper filter cone and pour hot water over them. The coffee then gradually drips into a cup or pot.

Even cooler? The Chemex. Created by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 (a doctor who invents coffee brewing methods is a doctor we’d happily pay a copay to see), the Chemex is similar to the coffee cone, except it’s that iconic glass flask with a tie around the middle that looks extra fancy. ✨

2.French press

Fun fact: The French press was patented it 1924. Simply pour your grounds and hot water into the press, wait a few minutes, and then (you guessed it) press the plunger to push the grounds down, leaving the brewed coffee above. How do you say genius in French?

(It’s génie — we looked it up. 😉)

3.Stovetop Moka pot

Could use a quick shot of espresso? Brew one up with a stovetop Moka pot.

The Moka pot has three chambers. Water boils in the bottom chamber, creating steam that pushes water through the coffee grounds and into the top chamber.

Despite the espresso-like flavor of a Moka-made cup of coffee, the pot makes a lot more than one tiny shot. It can yield up to 16 cups at once.

Note: You’ll need a gas stove to get a Moka pot working.

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