Homeownership is for Everyone

... and we don't take that statement lightly

We believe that homeownership is a means of creating possibility, long-term security, and greater financial independence. By widening access and closing knowledge gaps, we're helping people understand the process — every nuance, every expectation, every pathway.

With reliable information about what goes into homeownership, what comes out is all the better: More confident homebuyers, more successful homeowners, and stronger communities for generations to come. So yes, we believe homeownership is for everyone — everyone who wishes to pursue it.

Learn along with us. We're so happy you're here!

Equity is Our Call to Action

It’s always been our mission to acknowledge and confront structural and persistent barriers of systemic racism that historically kept people of color from the benefits of homeownership.

We continually and actively examine how we as an organization can do our part to call out and correct systemic racial injustice, and share our thoughts, plans, and actions to keep the momentum toward effecting real, lasting change.

Visit our racial injustice response page.