Moving In

Settling into your new place

Yes, moving is a big stress that will definitely take longer than you think. It’s also your chance to start fresh, happy routines. We can help you spot opportunities to make your move easier, understand the in's and out's of your new investment and bring a confident approach to your new day-to-day as a homeowner.

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Keep in mind...

As a homeowner, amortization helps you build equity monthly. With every mortgage payment, more goes toward principal and less toward interest. Each payment builds more equity– magic!

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What's a loan servicer?

A loan servicer is the company that manages your loan and sends your mortgage statements. Your loan servicer might change, if your lender sells the right to manage your loan to a new company.

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Move into list mode

There’s a ton to keep track of when you move. Checklists help ensure all your bases are covered, so your move goes more smoothly. Keep has a comprehensive pre-move checklist to get you started.

First, focus on the functional

It’s helpful to get a few items in order before you move. For example, let all your utilities know to switch service: electricity, gas, internet, cable, water, trash.

Make a list of subscriptions and services that mail you things, visit their websites, and change your address. Then visit the postal service website and change your address officially.

After the keys are yours, you’ll also want to take a few peace-of-mind steps. Change the locks, learn where the electrical panel is, and find and test the smoke detectors. Pick a few neighborhood restaurants to try –dine in or take out – to relieve any hangry dinnertime stress on your first few evenings.

Closer to true ownership every month

One piece of mail you can expect at your shiny new address is your mortgage statement. It arrives each month bearing all the latest info about your loan. If a new company buys your loan, your loan servicer (the company that sends your statement) might change. It can come as a surprise, but all that changes for you is where to send the payment.

Giving people your money is never 100% fun, but each payment brings a bit of joy in seeing your principal shrink a little more. Not only does it bring you that much closer to true ownership, it reduces the amount of interest you’ll pay next month.

If you’re ever in a position to pay more than the amount due, please consider it. It will save you much more than it costs.

Play it safe in your new place

The time you spend thinking about home safety helps keep everyone safe, teaches you a lot about your home, and leads to plans so you feel prepared in an emergency. Onward!

Falls are the most likely cause of an injury at home. Take note of slippery, high traffic bathrooms, cluttered and poorly lit stairs, unobstructed windows, and please, please get a spotter if you need to use a ladder.

To sleep (and leave your home each day) with more peace of mind, install deadbolts on each entry door, consider motion lights in the yard, and get acquainted with your neighbors. The more people know you, the more they’ll look out for you and notice if something’s not right.

Organization will make the moving process much smoother.