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Framework CEO Chats Older Home Maintenance in Bankrate

Aug 16 2021

American homes aren’t just growing dramatically more expensive. They’re also getting older.

The median age of U.S. homes had risen to 39 years as of 2019, according to the latest American Community Survey. For homebuyers frustrated by fierce competition and soaring prices, older homes present a more affordable option. One obvious caveat: Aging structures require more maintenance.

“In many markets, those older homes are more affordable — but they come with an increased need for repairs and maintenance,” says Danielle Samalin, chief executive of Framework Homeownership, a company that coaches first-time homebuyers. “Budgeting for maintenance and repairs is critically important.”

Samalin speaks from experience: She and her family live in a 1799 home in western Massachusetts.

Samalin loves the home’s character, although she acknowledges that owning a home built during the presidency of John Adams isn’t for everyone. “Some people think we’re crazy,” she says.

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