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Framework CEO Chats First-Time Homebuyers on Financial Planning Podcast

Mar 24 2021

Financial Planning’s Senior Editor Tobias Salinger interviewed Danielle Samalin, CEO of Framework Homeownership, for the Financial Planning podcast.

In the episode, Samalin answers three questions about the many challenges facing first-time homebuyers, including an in-depth discussion on the homeownership gap and some of the most important questions for first-time homebuyers to ask.


Here are some of our favorite clips from Samalin:

  • “Homeownership continues to be the primary way for families to grow wealth in this country and so the greater that gap is between white homeownership and Black homeownership, the greater the gap is in general between white wealth and Black wealth.”
  • “I personally don’t think that you can take the emotion out of the homebuying. This is your home. This is where you may, for the first-time homebuyer, be building a family. You know, everyone has their own dreams. The American dream of homeownership, the emotion, is wrapped up in this financial decision.”
  • “A financial advisor is in a unique position to support their clients with … not [just] how much home can you afford, how much mortgage can you afford to pay, but also, are you prepared and do you know the true cost of owning a home once you buy it?”

Listen to the full episode of the Financial Planning podcast.