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Framework Profiled in The Builders Daily Piece on Housing Crisis Prevention

Jun 1 2021

Technology, devices, apps have emerged in many of our lives as a bridge between information we benefit from and our own behavior.

This is where a Boston-based collaborative organization called Framework’s Keep app kicks it up a notch in the “never again” department.

The stats are clear, says Framework CEO Danielle Samalin​, “Homeowners who get education and advising are more likely to stay in their homes.”

Framework, the 2021 Ivory Prize for Innovation in Housing Affordability in the finance category, has designed a Fitbit- or GPS-navigation-style experience for users that both feeds information and resource access, and at the same time, encourages daily small-change self-guided behavior-modification with a single purpose: To help people enter into homeownership and do it in their daily lives successfully. Upwards of 1 million homebuyers have engaged with Framework’s education and training courses, and Keep is a free app launched in January 2020, aiming to amplify the Framework offering.

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