Framework CEO Talks Homeownership Tech on Finside Chats Podcast

Mar 3 2022

Framework CEO, Danielle Samalin and Stavvy‘s Head of Legal and Capital Markets, Jeremy Potter, talk homeownership tech on Finside Chats podcast. 

In this episode of Stavvy’s Finside Chats podcast, Samalin and Potter discuss the evolution of technology in the homeownership space and its importance in improving the experience of homeowners.

Listen to the full conversation on Finside Chats:

Samalin’s vision for a digital homebuyer education course changed the way millions of first-time homebuyers access trusted and unbiased information. Samalin’s vision for Framework was influenced by her family’s history as long-time residents and renters of Brooklyn, NY, who were ultimately displaced 30 years later as a result of gentrification and the 2008 housing crisis. Samalin set out to address the information asymmetry prevalent in the homebuying process, which systemically impacted low-income households and people of color. The commitment Framework put forth was to provide homebuyers with the information and tools needed to buy a home with confidence and the mission to democratize homeownership.

Since then, Framework has served over 1.4 million homebuyers and expanded to support the entire homeownership journey through the long-term with their digital homeownership platform, Keep by Framework™.

Samalin and Potter discuss the shift that has occurred over the last 10 years, from technology being a thing that incites fear to tech being an expectation and necessity in homeownership.

“Tech does have this ability to meet us ‘where we are.’ And ‘where we are’ varies throughout the weeks, the months, and the years of our lives. Sometimes ‘where we are’ is: we need to see, and we need to plan. And sometimes ‘where we are’ is: we need to know right now. And sometimes we just need to look back,” said Samalin. And with Keep, people receive more than just resources and helpful tips and advice. Keep provides info on tangible, personalized solutions and money-saving programs that homebuyers and owners may not even know they have access to.

Beyond bringing Keep directly to consumers, Samalin recognizes the importance of partnering with like-minded players like Stavvy to succeed in bridging the homeownership gap:

“There is this part of me that realizes that Framework is just one small piece in this big, vast kind of ecosystem of homeownership focused entities that truly need to work together to think about supply, to think about demand, to think about really effective way of ensuring people have the ability to compete in these spaces and these markets.”

Through these innovations, people are changing the way they buy and own their homes, and the impact will be felt long into the future.

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