Sacramento’s Rapid Growth Highlights Need for Enhanced Homebuyer Education

Jul 1 2024

In 2023, Sacramento was recognized as one of the fastest-growing cities out of the ten largest cities in California. It highlighted the need to scale homeownership support to new aspiring homeowners quickly. We’re proud to welcome NeighborWorks Sacramento to our partner network and provide the Framework platform as a quick, scalable, and robust solution that meets the growing demand for homeownership content and support to empower the aspiring homeowners.

This June, during Homeownership Month, we released our 1st annual Homeownership Confidence Report, where we found homebuyers consistently wish they had homebuyer education earlier in the homebuying process. In fact, 62% of homebuyers wish they had homebuyer education when they were just thinking about buying a home. With a rapid influx of homebuyers to Sacramento, the Framework Homebuyer Education course within the Framework platform will be critical for NeighborWorks Sacramento to get homebuyers the support they need to start making smart financial decisions and understanding the homebuying process.

  • For nearly 40 years, NeighborWorks Sacramento has served its community with the resources, support, and financial guidance needed for homeowners to prosper and thrive. But just as communities needs can change, responsive organizations often adapt to meet those needs.

    So, we are humbled and honored to be a part of NeighborwWorks Sacramento’s change and refocus of homeownership services that began at last year under Lauretta’s bold leadership. 

    In addition to expanding their education impact with our partnership, the team also leverage an extensive retraining that has been levered to reach even more first-time homebuyers. We cannot wait to see how this partnership continues to grow and help the Sacramento community thrive!

    Omar Esposito

    President & CEO, Framework

    Omar Esposito, CEO and President of Framework

NeighborWorks Sacramento, with its commitment to community development and expanding homeownership opportunities, is excited to partner with us at Framework to work towards our collective mission of promoting sustainable homeownership. Integrating our tech-enabled homeownership platform enables Neighborworks Sacramento to meet the demand and serve more aspiring homebuyers. The Framework platforms offer a suite of courses, resources, and tools that go beyond homebuying to support homeowners throughout their homeownership journey. Framework learners can find post-purchase courses to better understand home maintenance, how to manage their mortgage and energy basics.

  • “NeighborWorks is the bed work of Sustainable living and financial empowerment. Through partnership like us with Framework, we can continue to move the needle on homeownership and thriving communities.”

    Lauretta Casimir-Mahoney

    Chief Executive Officer, President

Together Framework and NeighborWorks Sacramento will focus on the following areas:

Homeownership Education

Housing Counseling

Housing Sustainability

This partnership aims to empower more individuals and families to achieve their homeownership dreams and create a more vibrant and sustainable Sacramento.

About Framework

Framework is a social enterprise with a mission to actively reduce the homeownership gap through building tech-enabled homebuyer education and ongoing homeownership support courses, tools, and resources. Our online homeownership platform has helped over 1.5 million first-time homebuyers and homeowners across the country start and grow in their homeownership journey. Join us at


About Neighborworks Sacramento

Neighbor works Sacramento is a nonprofit organization that focuses on partnering with underrepresented communities to build healthy, sustainable, and equitable neighborhoods through education, housing, development, empowerment, and advocacy. It is a part of the Neighborworks network, which has over 200 community development organizations spread throughout the US. It envisions vibrant communities where diversity and equity are the foundation for creating generational change.

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