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Welcome Spring With This Home Maintenance Checklist

Mar 25 2022

Spring is arriving, and as a homeowner, the best way to welcome the warm weather is by giving your home some attention.

Use this checklist to inspect for winter damage and prepare for the next season. Your home will love the TLC!

1. Repair your doors, windows, and siding

  • Repair missing, loose, or damaged siding. If your siding is painted, look for blisters, peeling, or other damage and repaint as needed.
  • Check for termites. Look for holes in wood, mounds of wood dust, or a hollow sound when you tap on wood trim or siding.
  • Repair damaged doors and windows. Lubricate hinges, cranks, locks, and other hardware.
  • Install screens in windows and doors.

2. Ready your roof, gutters, and downspouts for harsh sun and heavy rain

  • Hire a roofer to repair missing, loose, or damaged roofing shingles, slates, or tiles.
  • Inspect your roof edge, soffit, and fascia for damage or rot. Hire a professional to repair problems ASAP.
  • Check roof near chimneys, walls, and vents for corroded or loose flashing, and worn or missing sealant. If you find any issues, have a professional take a look.
  • Remove anything growing on your roof. Hire a pro to clean anything you can’t reach from your ladder.
  • Remove debris from your roof, gutters, and downspouts. Downspouts should take water at least 5 feet away from your foundation.

Safety tip: Take care with ladders
Falls from ladders are common, so stay in your comfort zone. Set your ladder on a stable surface, lock the spreaders, and maintain three points of contact.

Looking for more ladder safety tips? You’ll find them in our post on preventing injuries at home.

3. Make your yard and outdoor spaces ready to enjoy

  • Remove unstable tree limbs or any branches near your roof or siding. Cut down dead or badly damaged trees.
  • Inspect porches and decks. Repair rotted joists, floorboards, and railings.
  • Tune-up lawn equipment. See manuals for info about sparkplugs, filters, oil, and other upkeep
  • Watch out for large puddles in your yard. Standing water that lingers for hours after it rains could mean your yard has a drainage or grading issue.
  • Repair large cracks and uneven surfaces in sidewalks, driveways, and cement steps to prevent injuries.
  • If you have a septic system, inspect the ground above it for dampness or bad smells. If you find these issues, have a professional take a look.

4. Inspect your basement and attic for winter damage

  • Check your attic and basement for signs of pests, such as mounds of wood dust, holes, droppings, or fur.
  • Inspect basement walls for bulging, buckling, or cracks larger than 1/8 inch.
  • Check your basement and attic for water and water damage.
  • Inspect attic rafters and sheathing for sagging, cracks, rot, mold, water stains, or any other damage. Repair problems ASAP.
  • Inspect attic insulation for damage or gaps. Replace any damaged insulation and fill gaps.

Get the full list to protect your home (and your wallet)!

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