Homebuyer Education Course

With the Keep Homebuyer Ed course, you’ll learn what to expect as you buy a home. Get a handle on inspection, insurance, and other costs, so you’ll know how much to save, what’s typical, and when to negotiate.

binder and pen
binder and pen

Wondering If You're Ready

You’re interested in buying a home and curious where to start. How much should you save for a down payment? Do you need to build up your credit?  Think about things like:

  • The pros and cons of homeownership
  • How much home you can afford
  • Taking control of your credit
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home for sale sign
home for sale sign

Looking at Listings

More than scrolling your favorite apps, actively looking at listings means getting a sense of what the houses cost, which neighborhoods are right for you, and how to use “comps” (“comparables” in realtor lingo).  Consider things like:

  • Choosing a great real estate agent
  • Conducting a search that is both systematic and fun
  • Comparing different types of homes

Take your real estate listing search to the next level.

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Searching for a Lender

Ready to research rates and lenders? There are many options out there and you’ll benefit from knowing the possibilities. You’ll want to find a lender you trust and a mortgage that matches your goals. Learn:

  • How to compare and contrast different types of loans
  • Getting qualified for a loan (and what to expect)
  • Shopping for a loan knowing the terms that work for you

Get help on finding the right lender

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icon new mail
icon new mail

Ready to make an offer

You found a home you love and feel ready to make the seller an offer. How do you negotiate the fairest price? How do inspections work? Get ready to:

  • Craft a fair and winning offer
  • Find a great home inspector
  • Lock in the last details of your loan
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icon protecting your new home
icon new house

Getting ready to close

Your closing date is near and you want to feel prepared and in control. Who’s involved in the closing process? Checkbook? ID? Which other important documents should you bring? Learn how to:

  • Navigate each step of closing
  • Read and understand your closing paperwork
  • Feel confident and prepared on the big day
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welcome mat

Living in your new home

You’ve moved and are settling into your new home. Learn how to:

  • Manage your mortgage payments
  • Budget for home maintenance
  • Manage your home insurance
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