Home Maintenance in a Crisis

There may be a pandemic going on, but that doesn’t mean your home won’t need repairs. Or, if you’re like us, you may feel the push-pull between finally tackling those upgrade projects you’ve been putting off, or leaving them for another day.

Whatever choice you make is absolutely OK. If you are inclined to give your place a little TLC, below are some resources to help you during COVID-19.


Safety while hiring a contractor

Unfortunately, a plumber can’t fix a leaking pipe in Zoom, and a carpenter can’t remodel a kitchen through Google Hangouts.  

This begs the question: What do home maintenance, repairs, and upgrades look like in the age of COVID-19?  

DIY yard cleanup hacks

Could your yard use a little sprucing up for summer BBQs? We rounded up a few DIY yard cleanup hacks to make your amateur landscaper life easier (and safer).

Keeping up with your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so keeping it in tip-top shape is essential.  Check out our guide to kitchen maintenance.

Turn your home into a quarantine sanctuary

Whether you’re craving a designated office area, a space for mindfulness and meditation, or projects for the kids, we rounded up some easy DIY interior design ideas.

Our handy guide to houseplants

Houseplants are mood-boosters. They purify the air in your home and some (like the dracaena and the bamboo palm) can even help with allergy symptoms. The list of houseplant benefits goes on and on.

Simple safety upgrades for your home

Trips to the hospital are never ideal, but during COVID-19 they’re especially nerve-wracking. And while many of us are staying home to keep ourselves safe from the virus, we face another danger in our own homes: Falling.

We have tips to make your home safer.