Grow Your Green Thumb with Our Handy Houseplant Guide

Apr 22 2020

While we continue to hunker down during COVID-19, many of us are taking up new hobbies to keep ourselves busy.

Amidst the banana bread-baking and TikTok-dancing frenzy, you may be seeing your social feeds blooming with pictures of houseplants. That’s right – folks are taking on the responsibility of becoming plant parents!

What makes this trend so popular and why should you dig in? Houseplants are mood-boosters. They purify the air in your home and some (like the dracaena and the bamboo palm) can even help with allergy symptoms. The list of benefits goes on and on.

So, ready to bring in some new plant pets? Or are you still traumatized from that time you killed a cactus? Not to worry, we’ve put together some great tips for gradually testing out your green thumb or growing your already-budding collection.

From plants you can order from the comfort of your sofa to tips on which need more or less light than others, check out our Keep Plant Pinterest board!


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