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Candles & Wine: Fall Upkeep Tips from Our Keep Community

Nov 10 2020

Autumn is officially here. We’re talking magical color-changing leaves, flannel shirts, pumpkin (or chai!) spice, and the cozy smell of smoke from wood stoves in the neighborhood. 🍁

However, with the dropping temperatures and falling leaves, fall is also the time for some important home maintenance. Luckily, our Keep community has you covered. We polled our social media followers for their autumnal home upkeep hacks and received a wide array of clever suggestions. To think we almost forgot wine and candles! 🕯

  1. Check the clocks! 🕰 In the fall when we change the clocks, I always check the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  2. Have a furnace tune up in early fall to address any issues before it’s really cold and repair companies are busy. This also helps keep it running efficiently which saves some money.
  3. Rake once a week rather than letting the leaves build up to an overwhelming level.
  4. Clean the attic out before it gets too cold.
  5. Tend to your roses! 🌹I always make sure I dig up my spring flowers that will not make it through the winter.
  6. Use this time to trim the trees and clear the gutters before stormy season begins. Use a hose or auger to help clear the gutters. 
  7. Be sure to cover up the outdoor furniture and trim the trees. save some colorful leaves to make a fall garland. 
  8. Clear sealant glue and check all cracks and exposed areas. Seal them up now to prevent pests and to keep heat inside. 
  9. We live in an apartment so there’s no gutters to clean or anything like that but we swap out the screen doors for the cold weather coming. We also deep clean the rugs in the home.
  10. Plant your grass! 🌱 Fall is the best time to plant grass seeds since the ground is warmed through from summer weather.
  11. Clean and store seasonal stuff to be rotated in labeled baggies and cute boxes to keep items organized/accessible.
  12. Replace filters for the fall! My allergies are the worst during summer and having a new start for fall is absolutely essential! And, obviously, keeping lots of fall blankets for the chilly nights.
  13. Put away all mowers and blowers. Winter weather will ruin them if not stored! Also, clean the gutters before the first snow fall! The ice can harden around the debris and make the gutters break.
  14. We do a really good deep cleaning. I mean top to bottom inside out! And of course buying all the fall scents is so much fun! 
  15. Remember the essentials! 🍷 Stock up on some candles and wine!

Thanks for keeping us in the know, everyone! 😄We are going to get out there to rake those leaves and clean the gutters as soon as we finish this yummy tea and cheesy Thanksgiving rom-com.

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