Dear Dads and Father Figures, We’re Sorry! Love, Teenagers

Jun 17 2021

For Father’s Day this year, we’re paying homage to the dads and dad-types in our lives.   

As adults with fully formed frontal lobes, we now understand that wrangling kids is no easy task. Add teenage angst and reckless decisions to the mix, and you have a recipe for a burning wallet and a massive headache.   

To thank our father figures for their patience through our teenage years, we asked our team members to fess up to their funniest and costliest teenage shenanigans.  

Here’s what they had to say to their Dear Old Dads:   

  • “Dear Dad, remember that winter when you got a heating bill for over $1,000 and you couldn’t figure out why? I have to confess: I slept with the window open every night that year. (Oh, and sorry that we called you Mr. Freeze … ?) 
  • I just got my first water bill for my new home and I think it’s about time that I say this: I’m sorry. You were right. I didn’t need to take a 45-minute shower. How did you ever deal with me as a teenager?” 
  • You know when I PROMISED those weren’t my footprints in the newly paved driveway? Yea … I lied. But you probably figured that out by now.” 
  • “Remember that time when Grandma had a family of mice living in her kitchen? There were so many that you had to pay for an exterminator. Well, we thought they were our pets and we fed them every day! Lo siento, Papa” 
  • “That time that a family of raccoons somehow moved into the attic? You spent the entire weekend sealing all the spaces and couldn’t figure out how they got in again and again. Well, I was going up there every night and opening the window to … nevermind!” 
  • “Remember when you told me repeatedly not to hang on the kitchen cabinet and then one day you went to open the pantry and the whole door came off? I blamed my little bro, but yeah, that was me. P.S. If my kids ruined my new kitchen cabinets, I would cry!” 
  • “I had no idea how much time you were actually spending on the lawn. How did you keep it so green? How did you have time for anything else? Why did I think you were out there because you wanted to be? My landscaper is charging me a fortune. Can you come over on Saturday?”

Thanks again to all the parents and parental figures who tolerate so much. We don’t know what we’d do without you!

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