Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

May 7 2020

Let’s be real, moms always go above and beyond. And with daycare and school out for the count, above and beyond has turned into to infinity and beyond. But hey, at least we have Mother’s day to celebrate them, right?

However, many of the typical ways of doing so are not an option this year. Normally take her to brunch or dinner? Nope. Planned a little weekend getaway? Sorry again. Hoped to drop the kids off at the babysitter’s to give her some peace and quiet for the day? Also nope.

So how can you make her feel appreciated under these conditions?

While you can always buy (or pick) flowers, here are some ways to get a little more creative. Need some help putting these ideas together? Check out our Mother’s Day at Home Pinterest board.

Cook a meal for Mom

Even if mom isn’t the primary chef in the house (it is 2020, after all), she may still enjoy a meal that was planned especially for her. Start her day with breakfast or brunch in bed. Whip up a few bloody marys or mimosas (virgin works too) and then let her go back to sleep.

Does she prefer her own morning routine? Opt for dinner later on instead (or go for two and do both). You can gather around the table as a family, or set up a kids’ table in another room and set up a candlelit dinner for her.

Get crafty with the kids

What mom doesn’t love her children’s artistic masterpieces? Our Pinterest board offers a range of ideas for craft projects to make with the kids, whether she’s into gardening, or cooking or nicknacks to treasure. Another plus? These creations will keep the kids busy while she gets to take a break.

Take a virtual trip

You don’t need to leave the house to visit faraway places. We have links on Pinterest to several virtual getaways. Is she craving a day off from screentime? Go DIY and print out pictures of places she’s been or dream of going to and turn various areas of the house into a different destination. Have the kids put a paper passport together to log the spots she goes visits.

Bathe her in love

Has your bathroom turned into Ground Zero for quarantine? Give it a good scrub and turn it into a relaxing, meditative lagoon. Play her favorite music, light some scented candles and run a steamy bath with essential or other oils for added luxury. One more tip: Leave a facemask, skin scrub, sliced cucumber and lotion out on the counter so she can easily give herself a good pampering.

Make memories from afar

Getting together isn’t ideal right now, but since we’re already months into quarantine, people have figured out safe ways to do it. A big trend lately: Parades. Yup, drive-by parades are a thing!

Decorate your car and cruise by mom’s house to drop off gifts (from a social distance).

Don’t live close by? Schedule a Zoom or Facetime call. Make it special by saying “Happy Mother’s Day” all at the same time or by playing a game together. We hear bingo is making a comeback!

Didn’t have time to order a gift? Local companies are offering flowers and food deliveries. A+ if you support a small business!


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