To-do List

Create a List of
Home Maintenance To-dos

Time to … change the air conditioner filters! Or was it clear out the dryer vent? No, replace smoke alarm batteries! That’s definitely it! (We think).

With Keep by Framework™’s new To-do List feature, you can organize your lists, get reminders, and keep your home projects moving.


Create Your List

Show your home some love by adding some new to-dos. Visit the My Home section of the app and tab over to To-do List.

  • Monitor and prioritize your maintenance calendar
  • Log details when talking with contractors or shopping for supplies
  • Add, edit, and delete your to-dos and sub-tasks
  • Use custom tags to tag and filter your highest priority tasks

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Checking "Done"

Never miss a chance to feel that wonderful high of completing a task. Set reminders for your to-dos, get them done, and slide on over to your “Done” list to see all your accomplishments.

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