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Our 5 Favorite Mini-Benefits of Moving

Feb 16 2021

Moving can be exciting! But let’s face it, the actual process isn’t much fun.

To get through the hard parts, it helps to focus on the perks. There are the obvious ones — a change of scenery in your new home, maybe you’re getting more space or an updated kitchen. But there are others that you may not have thought of yet.

Here are our five favorite mini-benefits of moving:

Cardboard boxes

A castle for your kids? A palace for your pets? Canvases for upcoming art projects? You’ll probably end up with a bunch of cardboard boxes after your move. Instead of putting them out with the recycling, consider ways to reuse them. When used as sheet mulch, they can even come in handy for starting a new garden.

Downsizing your stuff

Packing (and unpacking) offers a great opportunity to inventory your possessions. Don’t need some of that clothing, furniture, or kitchenware? Take it over to your local thrift store.

One clever minimizing tip: Once you’re in your new home, unbox items only when you actually need them. After a few weeks or months, donate what’s left in your boxes.

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Reassess your monthly payments

Electric. Water. Internet. Spending the afternoon on the phone with service providers is a pain, but you may be able to save some money in the process. While your providers are on the line, ask how you can lower your bills. Internet providers often have specials, and electric companies have insight into ways to get affordable (or free) energy audits. It can’t hurt to ask!

New routines and habits

Routines and habits are intimately linked to our environments. This is great for those that work for you, but what about the ones that don’t? Moving offers a chance to reset in a new environment. Think about the routines and habits you’d like to adopt and set your new home up to make them happen.

Fresh start, fresh style

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time to redecorate can be tough. Moving, however, yields a blank canvas! What do you crave in your decor? An accent wall in your living room? New curtains? A modern light fixture over your dining room table? Focus on the potential of your new home to get through the stress of moving your stuff into it.

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