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Find Credit Counseling

Apprisen provides a suite of services to help you make the most of your money, help build credit & feel secure in your homeownership journey. Learn about saving and budgeting, credit, and get financial coaching. Just for Power of Home users.


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Search Home Repair Grants & Loans

Use our search tool to find local programs that help you with paying for home repair, maintenance, and energy costs.


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Get a Low-Interest Home Improvement Loan

Get a Home Improvement Loan with Huntington — exclusively for new homeowners looking to improve livability or energy efficiency.


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Assess Your Home's Health

Give your home a health check with step-by-step checkups for 8 major parts of your home. Find issues early, keep your home healthy, and protect your investment.


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Learn where to find home repair loans

Lots of homeowners could use a grant or loan for repairs and improvements, including energy-efficient upgrades. An array of government and nonprofit programs are there to help you get the job done.

It can take a little research to find something that works for you. Get started by exploring these major search tools, programs, and types of assistance.

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