Man and woman sit at dining room table filling out paperwork.

Power of Home Changes the Game for Ohio’s First-Time Homebuyers

Jun 16 2021

Dr. Cody Price featured Michael Pires, Project Manager of Power of Home, in a recent episode of the Doorsteps podcast, which explores the state of housing in Ohio.

Power of Home is a collaborative partnership between John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and Framework Homeownership. The pilot program aims to support OHFA’s first-time homeowners by providing free education and financial tools through the Keep platform.

Here are some of our favorite clips from Pires:

  • “A lot of times there are grant programs that will provide money, sometimes even up to $50,000, for things like home repairs, rehab projects, weatherization, energy efficiency stuff. So, if you qualify for one of those free programs, then we’ll connect you to one of those resource first.”
  • “For anyone that’s attempted to research or to find information on a local grant, or zero-interest loan, or energy efficiency program, they may find that there’s no single place of contact or a public database that houses this information. To improve upon this process, we took on the task of identifying all these programs statewide and created a central database that is built into the user experience of the custom version of Keep.”
  • “I think this is a game-changer that ultimately streamlines the delivery of the local resource information and puts resources in the hands of owners who need it the most.”

Check out the full episode on Power of Home on the Doorsteps podcast.