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Parents: You’re Not Alone! Tips for WFH During Summer Vacation

Jul 1 2021

Summer is here, and for many, that means a house full of rambunctious children on summer vacation. 

 For some, it may not be as big of an adjustment this year, with parents used to working with kids dancing in the background of their Zoom meetings.     

Either way, you’re probably tired, and there are still a few months ahead before youngsters go back to school.  

To make things a little easier for … all of us … we asked the parents at Framework for their tips on WFH with the kiddos: 

Get those kids to bed 

Whether your kids are going to camp or hanging at home, your mornings will be a lot smoother if your children are well-rested. 

Keep bedtimes as part of your routine before summer makes them disappear.  

Prep the night before 

Phew, they’re asleep … as tempting as it is to melt into the couch, consider getting just a few more things done before you settle in. You’ll thank yourself when you have more free time tomorrow. 

  • Prep lunches and snacks (or plan a few meals based on what’s in your fridge) 
  • Set the coffee maker 
  • Tidy up the kitchen 
  • Set out your clothes for the next day

Plan a work outing 

Head to a playground with a picnic table where the kids can play while you answer emails, or go to a restaurant with a play area. They’ll have fun and you’ll benefit from a change in scenery.

Lean into what works best 

Maybe your kids have a better day when they watch TV for a while in the morning. Or perhaps you sometimes need to bribe them with treats from the ice cream truck (we won’t tell!).

Do what works best for you and your family. After all, it’s your workday that you need to get through.

Be good to yourself 

It’s easy to forget about self-care when you’re busy caring for youngsters. Try to find some time just for you, even if it’s a few minutes before bed … or by helping yourself to that last slice of pizza.  

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