Woman rolling a turquoise coat of paint onto a wall in her home.

$50 Home Updates That Make a Big Impact

Jan 4 2022

Whether it’s from buying a fixer-upper or staying put to wait out the current housing market, homeowners are renovating more than ever these days.

But we’ve also experienced a pandemic that wasn’t exactly kind to our household finances.

So, what do you do when your home needs an update but your funds are limited? You use affordable DIY tricks that have a big impact.

And if you do want to make some bigger projects happen, we have a great list of creative ways to afford a renovation, too.

1. Countertops: Fake it till you make it

Give These Peel and Stick Wallpaper a Try! >>

Look, we all want an updated kitchen. That doesn’t mean we can all afford an updated kitchen.

But rather than trying to DIY your countertops and ending up with the set for “Wrecking Ball,” stick on some faux marble granite paper and call it a day.

2. A hot new look for heating vents

Meet Your New Best Friend, Rust-Oleum Spray Paint >>

If your house is a few years (ahem … or decades) old, your heating vents or baseboard covers have probably seen better days.

Instead of shelling out the bucks for new ones, give the ones you have a facelift with some good ole spray paint.

3. The walls get a new coat, too

Nothing Better than Watching Your Fave Wall Paint Dry >>

It’s amazing how well a coat of paint cleans up a room.

But while painting isn’t necessarily rocket science, there are a few tricks to drastically improve the quality of your work. Prepping, selecting the correct paint and brush, and paying attention to your technique can make all the difference.

Check out our post on basic homeowner skills for a helpful how-to.

4. Caulk it up in your bathroom

Make the Bathroom Feel Brand New with Caulk >>

Does your bathroom never really look clean no matter how much you scrub it? No amount of bleach can combat old grout and pealing caulking. Fortunately, a grout pen and a tube of silicone caulk are about $5 each and are so easy to apply that even the least handy homeowner can take on this job.

For helpful tricks, head to our post on easy home maintenance tasks.

5. Get a handle on your cabinets

Find Swoon-Worthy Cabinet Handles >>

Sure, you could sand and repaint or stain your cabinets. Or, for much less work, go for a simpler update by swapping out the handles for new ones.

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