Crisis Resources and Support for Homeowners

When the unexpected happens, we want to provide as much information as we can to help you protect the health of your home investment.

Below, you’ll find resources, ongoing support, and space for clear-headed thought when you need it most.

Protecting Your Mortgage in Times
of Financial Crisis

Taking Action to Prevent Late Payments

If you’re worried about your ability to continue making mortgage payments, don’t wait to take action. There are preventative ways to proactively protect and maintain your home investment:


I’m experiencing financial hardship. What are my options right now?
The government’s newest mortgage assistance options >


I’m falling behind on my mortgage payments. What should I do to protect my home and household?
What to do if you’re struggling to pay your mortgage > 


I am unsure of what to do. Can a housing counselor help? Housing counselors provide trusted and unbiased guidance.
Get help from someone you can trust >


More help with your mortgage in an emergency.

Mortgage-Related Terms to Know


Forbearance is a form of loss mitigation. It’s a formal agreement between you and your lender that temporarily reduces or suspends your mortgage payments during financial hardship. More on forbearance >

Loan Modification

A loan modification (aka mortgage modification) is a permanent change to the terms of a mortgage that makes the loan easier to pay. It’s typically granted if a homeowner faces a long-term loss of income. More on loan modification >


A repayment plan is an official agreement with your lender to pay off fees and any other past-due amounts. In a repayment plan, you’ll continue making your regular monthly payment, plus an additional amount to catch up on what you owe. More on repayment >

Buying, Selling and Refinancing
During a Crisis

Buying, Selling, and Refinancing are Possible

From virtual home tours to drive-by appraisals and remote closings, professionals are working hard to adapt to things going virtual. If you’re thinking of refinancing your mortgage or buying or selling your home, here’s more on how the deals are getting done:


How can I buy a home remotely? Our ongoing blog series explains how the homebuying process is adapting to remote life.
How to buy a home without leaving your home >


I’m seeing fewer homes for sale, why is that? We’re in what some pros call a “low inventory market,” meaning there aren’t that many homes for sale, but there are more than plenty of buyers.
Tips to buy a home in a tight market >


Is now a good time to refinance my home? Here’s a breakdown of what to consider under normal circumstances – but especially during a crisis.
What to consider about refinancing >


Find more information about homebuying and selling during a crisis..

  • “Patience is the calm acceptance that life can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”

    – David G. Allen

Home Maintenance Resources

Tools and Resources for Home Maintenance

Looking to give your home a little TLC.  Here are some tips to get started:


Has hanging on the patio become your idea of outdoorsy? We’ve fallen in love with our outdoor spaces – however big or small – more than ever. So how can you turn yours into the ultimate haven? We chatted with designer and travel manager Nina Millan for insight. 
How to create your own patio oasis >


What home maintenance tasks should I be doing? Ah, home maintenance. The thing we all want to be good at but rarely are. Not to worry, we explain how to make upkeep easier, so you can own your home like a pro.
Home maintenance tasks any homeowner can handle >


How can I make my house more energy efficient? Making your home more eco-friendly is good for the environment and your budget.
Simple habits to reduce your energy bills >


Find more home maintenance tips.