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Keep’s Top 5 Ways to Enjoy National Chocolate Day

Oct 27 2020

There seems to be a day for everything. National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on Jan. 27, National Paranormal Day on May 13, and National Dogs in Politics Day on Sept. 23. 🐶

Luckily, there are days to celebrate really important things, too — like chocolate.

With National Chocolate Day held every year on October 28, the holiday is arriving tomorrow (finally, something good in 2020).

To honor this momentous occasion, we rounded up our top 5 chocolate-related things. Chocolate tiny house weekend getaway, anyone?

1. Our favorite chocolate house

If living in the Paris suburbs could get any more quaint, this 200-square-foot tiny house is made of 3,000 pounds of chocolate. The travel site, with the help of renowned artisan chocolatier (can you say “dream job”?) Jean-Luc Decluzeau, created the cottage for a special promotion. It reportedly took 600 hours of work to complete the cocoa-construction. In need of a getaway? It’s available for weekend rentals. We’d love to go stay, but there will probably be extra charges when we can’t help but take a bite. 😄

2. Our favorite chocolate-based dessert to bake

taste of home

Looking for a quick and delicious dessert idea? Try the Almond Cherry Fudge from Taste of Home. It’s so easy you can make it in the microwave!

3. Our favorite chocolate shopping deal

It’s been a rough year, and Godiva is trying to make us feel a little better. The chocolatier is offering free shipping for its chocolate, with no spending minimum, with the checkout code FREESHIP. Thank you for your sweet sympathy, Godiva!

4. Our favorite chocolate Halloween craft project

Ehh OK fine, we guess the kids can be allowed in the National Chocolate Day fun, too. (Don’t they get enough candy?!) For a clever Halloween craft project with the kiddos, we love these spooky bats that wrap their wings around mini Hershey bars. 🦇 *Dracula voice*: We vant to drink your cocoa!

5. Our favorite alcoholic pairing with chocolate

It’s getting chilly out, and the holidays are approaching, so for this category we’re going with the Naughty Hot Chocolate. It’s pretty much your standard hot chocolate, spiked with some vodka and chocolate liqueur, and topped with a toasted marshmallow. 🍸 Yum!

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