Stop and Tend to Your Roses … or Your Rosé

Jun 11 2020

A rose is a rose is a rosé.

National Rose Day – does that mean the flower? The wine? The color of gold? We did some digging into the Google garden and found out that Friday, June 12 is National Red Rose Day, like the flower ????, while the second Saturday in June (which this year is Saturday, June 13) is National Rosé Day, as in the wine. ???? Clears that up!

But what’s the difference, really? Both roses and rosés have devoted cult followings, come in a variety of forms, and are, frankly, intoxicating.

But what about that pretty metallic pink color of rose gold? That deserves some attention, too.

We headed to our Pinterest Rose board to round up content for fans of all three in one place. Our board has everything from interior design tips for fans of rose gold, to advice and help for our rose-growing readers, and drink recipes for rosé enthusiasts. Enjoy!


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