Maintaining Your Home

Every inch of this place is yours to keep, care for, and change. Owning a home comes with stability, pride, and confidence. It also comes with a list of stuff to do.

Learn how to approach home maintenance with a calm outlook, a confident approach, and strong foundation.

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Assess your home

Using step-by-step check-ups, maintain your home with ease. Log in, and then head to the Maintenance section of Keep and select Assessments start assessing your flooring, appliances, roof, and more.

  • Detect issues easily
  • Get ahead of costly repairs
  • Protect your home investment
Assess your home
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Home Maintenance To-dos

Show your home some love by adding some new to-dos. Visit the My Home section of the app and tab over to To-do List.

  • Monitor and prioritize your maintenance calendar
  • Log details when talking with contractors or shopping for supplies
  • Add, edit, and delete your to-dos
  • Use custom tags to organize your highest priority tasks
Home Maintenance To-do List
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Home Profile

Keep up with your home maintenance needs by organizing your home’s most important documents and details—all in one place. Unlock all these features when you created your Home Profile.

Visit the My Home section of the app and create your Home Profile. Do you have hardwood floors or antibacterial linoleum? How about your exterior siding? Shingles? Stucco?  Make a note of it here.

Set up your home profile