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7 Warm Weather Projects for Homeowners

May 6 2021

Welcome back, warm weather!

After a long winter packed with some pretty tough weather (just ask Texas), nothing sounds more appealing than lounging in the sun and enjoying a cool drink with friends or loved ones. Did somebody say “mojitos”?

Before you slather on that sunscreen and invite the crew over to barbecue, take some time to spruce up your outdoor digs. Your guests will appreciate a luscious yard and a freshly maintained porch or deck.

A solid weekend of some good ol’ manual labor will set you up for an awesome season. Here are 7 projects to prepare your yard for warm weather:

Tune-up your yard equipment

After a long winter in the shed or garage, your lawn equipment likely needs a tune-up. Gas-powered equipment may need an oil change, spark plugs, filters, or lines. You may want to resharpen lawnmower or trimmer blades and lubricate moving parts. Regular maintenance at the beginning and end of each season will help your equipment work hard and live long.

Give your lawn some love

Growing a luscious lawn is a bit more complicated than mowing every couple of weeks. Deep raking, aeration, reseeding, herbicides, and fertilization can all play a role in growing a top-notch lawn. The specific things your yard needs depend on a few things, including how much traffic it gets, your fertilizing schedule, and your weeding strategy. Just do some research before going crazy with the fertilizer.

Show your gardens TLC, too

Before the fun stuff like picking out and planting flowers, get your garden beds ready. Rake out leaves, remove weeds, and pluck dead annuals from last year. Loosen the soil and spread a layer of mulch over the top. Cut ornamental grasses down to about 4 inches above ground level to prepare them for fresh growth. Want to give your gardens an extra clean look? Sculp their boundaries using an edging tool.

Don’t forget your trees and hedges

Caring for your trees not only keeps them healthy, it prevents injury and liability risks. For most trees, a simple visual inspection for damaged branches or trunks is a good start. If a branch or the entire tree looks damaged, dead, or at risk of falling, take it down right away. Ornamental trees and hedges often need special care, including careful pruning and fertilizers. Look into your specific ornamentals and call an arborist or landscaper for an expert opinion.

Get the water flowing 

What good is a Slip ‘N Slide without a hose to wet it down? If you live in a cold region, chances are you shut down water sources like sprinkler systems, outdoor faucets, and pool equipment for the winter. If you don’t, you may want to check out our fall home maintenance checklist. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get everything back up and running. Once your outdoor water sources are back on, check valves and pipes for leaks.

Maintain decks, porches, and patios 

Your outdoor living spaces, like decks, porches, and patios, suffer the elements year-round. Come spring, they likely need some maintenance. Before you pack the deck with guests, make sure it’s still standing strong and stable. And once you’re sure it’s sound, consider sanding and sealing. Check out our guide to deck upkeep for more ideas!

Bust out the grill, patio furniture, and yard games

Now, the icing on the cake — bring out all your warm-weather appliances, furniture, and games! If your patio furniture looks a little dirty, give it a quick cleaning with some warm water and dish soap. For tougher stains, like mold or mildew, add a splash of bleach. Clean any old grease, charred food, or debris collected inside your grill or around the valves. And don’t forget to stock up on propane!

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