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6 Times ‘Squid Game’ was Actually About Homeownership

Oct 14 2021

If you haven’t joined the 111 million viewers worldwide who’ve tuned in to “Squid Game,” we admire your willpower. But for us pop culture addicts, we had to share a few times we saw definite similarities between the show’s reality and the common experience with homeownership (in the form of memes, of course).

Maybe we just have homeowning on the brain, you can be the judge …

1. It all comes down to $$$

Don’t get us wrong, we love homeownership — after all, it’s in our name!

But we’re also very aware of the costs that come with a home and how those can add up, especially considering U.S. homes are getting older and therefore require more maintenance.

So, while you may not have gambled away your life’s savings, we can’t blame you if finding one of those handy business cards is looking more and more appealing.

(Hey Google, will 45.6 billion Won cover the cost of a new roof?)

2. Homebuying is a little complicated

While many find ways to enter the homebuying process feeling prepared (*cough* homebuyer ed *cough*), plenty still go about it with little knowledge of what’s to come.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that if you photographed most homebuyers at the start of their journey and then again in the middle, they wouldn’t look far off from Gi-Hun below.

3. There are some tough decisions involved

Should I buy the fixer-upper in my dream neighborhood or opt for the move-in ready a little further away? Should I use my extra cash to pay down my mortgage … or splurge while designing my outdoor patio?

Gosh, the choices are endless!

4. The playing field is not level

As much as The Front Man liked to boast about the equality of games, the “honeycomb challenge” clearly indicated otherwise.

Similarly, while the mortgage application process is mostly the same for everyone, it’s definitely more difficult for some than others: How’s your credit? Do you have a trusted resource to help with the process? Do you speak fluent English? Have you taken homebuyer ed?

It’s like that newly famous quote, “We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm.”

5. Confidence is key

Well … confidence, luck, and some tenacity. Although, your tenacity may be more effective when determining how to win a bidding war as opposed to a game of tug-of-war (well, that’s up to you).


6. The process can be exhausting

But it’s totally worth it! Owning a home, that is … we’re not 100% sold on the value of “Squid Game.”

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed on what’s to come, Framework Homebuyer Ed will be your homeownership Gganbu.

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